Teachers are App-mazing

By Jeanette Campbell

Teachers will never cease to amaze me. Learning new apps during the iTeach Modules has been an exciting time for me. So many teachers and so many great ideas. They go through a process of owning their learning. I was walking in the halls of Driggers ES admiring the character pumpkins and character costumes created by kinder and 2nd grade students. I sent a quick email with a suggestion to take pictures before you send them home for Halloween. I added that students could use Chatterpix to make their creations come to life. A day later I taught Padlet as a collaboration tool. Introducing Padlet as an virtual online bulletin board and a great place to upload projects and then share with parents. One week later I get an email thanking me for the suggestion and this Padlet with Chatterpix projects. I am so impressed how many teachers learn a new tech tool for their classroom and put it to use within a few days.