Teacher Engagement Looks a lot like Student Engagement!

By: Janet Winninghoff

Teachers participating in the iTeach staff development at Neff, Rudder, and Hobby Middle Schools had the opportunity to collaborate with each other in team building activities using Google Hangouts and Padlet.  Teachers used their new iPads to capture their experiences in photos and videos - the same tools that students can use to create and show their learning beyond traditional worksheets.  

When teachers attend iTeach sessions, they have an opportunity to experience tools from the student perspective as well as hands-on opportunities to work with apps with the support of their Academic Technology Coach.  Over the course of the five-week training, teachers focus on assessment, collaboration, communication, and the creation of products.  These overarching instructional practices go beyond “training of the app”, but instead help teachers connect their instructional practice to technology.  Gone are the days of technology as an add-on.