Teach Your Monster to Read

By: Ian Fitch-Hundere

Teach Your Monster to Read is a really engaging tool where students teach their digital monster to read. Playing phonics/reading activities online, each game connects to one another to build a journey allowing students to start their adventure knowing they will get to an end point. Giving students a different avenue to learn their phonic sounds, it makes the experience more personal to them.

Students customize their monster, personalizing them to their liking. Teach Your Monster to Read helps to take the focus off the student and onto their monster so that the student is more open to learning. In the game, students are not stuck to one particular game, but are continually given new environments and games to explore.

Finally, Teach Your Monster to Read adapts itself to many different learning styles, especially visual and kinesthetic learners. It also helps to support shy students who might be less likely to participate in a group setting. If students make a mistake within the game, it gives the student an independent chance to learn from their mistake and continue building on their learning.