Skype Teach - what is that?

Northside started a Skype Teach initiative 5 years ago for students going to alternative schools taking courses that were not offered at the alternative school.  For example, International Courses, Algebra, and all dual credit and AP courses are offered through the Skype Teach initiative.  When students go to special schools and must continue getting credit for courses not offered there, they are offered to Skype in to their home campus teacher's class and continue to get credit. They can see, hear, and actually participate in actual daily class activities. 


Skype Teach has been extended to our Homebound students. The home campus teachers are able to teach the students live and keep them up to date allowing for an easier transition back to school. Seeing the excitement of the students being able to continue that connection and relationship with their teachers and classmates is inspiring! The students can see a lab, hear the teacher and class speaking Spanish, etc., and actually participate in all kinds of engaging class activities. 


The Skype Teach initiative is just one example of how Northside utilizes technology to meet the needs of learners throughout the district.