Ready, Set, Action! Tech Expo 2016

by Susan Mohler

    Northside schools are integrating technology in unique ways to engage students and an annual event allows students and teachers to share their successes. It’s the Kelly Smith Tech Expo 2016!!!! This year was the 3rd annual celebration of 3D printers, Robotics, Google Apps for Education, and many mobile devices and how they have affected student learning. As our amazing Kelly Smith always said, "It's not about the technology; it's about the students. It's about what technology can do for students and staff. We're not in the technology business; we're in the education business."

    “The Tech Expo is the perfect forum for students and teachers to show off the exciting ways they are utilizing technology in instruction and they will hopefully inspire other students and teachers to take fresh ideas back to their campuses,” says Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods. “I am especially thrilled that our students will take the lead in showcasing the tools they are using to demonstrate knowledge in all subject areas.”parent.jpg

    Northside students must be immersed in 21st Century skills. These skills, as identified by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) are Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Digital Citizenship, and Technology Operations and Concepts. This is exactly what you saw at this event!

    Students from more than 100 elementary, middle, and high schools attended and set up their amazing tables in the Paul Taylor Field House and the Northside Activity Center. As parents, teachers, and administrators cruised around each table, they were captivated by student presenters that explained their projects in great detail.




Driggers Elementary school 4th graders studied the San Antonio Missions. They created this amazing 3D map with the help of the librarian, Ms. Garcia, the art teacher, Ms. Yaklin, and the technology coach, Ms. Campbell. They created 3D figures of the Missions as well as using a green screen app to create videos. How engaging is this??


    Galm Elementary 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Quamme, showcased the incredible program for iPads called Osmo. Osmo is an award-winning system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on engagement. They used it for language arts lessons as well as science and math. Way to go, Galm!!CjWObrNUYAE_ZFK.jpg



At Zachry Middle school, students produced math tutorials via the iPad which were embedded on a Google Site to start a Zachry Academy similar to Kahn Academy. What an incredible idea! That surely falls under collaboration and communication.  




         Holmes HS Journalism and ESL classes collaborated to produce the centerfold article for their final people edition of The Gavel.


                                                                                     Check out the Twitter Hashtag for the evening, #nisdtechexpo, for more stories and photos about this amazing night! We think Dr. Woods had a great night as well. See you next year for the 4th annual Kelly Smith Tech Expo!!