iTeach Extension: Padlet as an Enrichment Station

by Anna Sexton

iTeach Extension: students use technology in the classroomDuring the novel study unit in ELA, one of my teachers reached out to me to help her plan some “techie” ideas she could use with students. Google Classroom and Padlet were a natural fit to create activities that students can use to dig deeper into the content. In this lesson, students started with a Flocabulary lesson on summarizing posted in Google Classroom. Students completed the assigned activities at their own pace. When they completed the work, students applied their knowledge of summarization skills to the current novel chapters using an assigned Google Doc in the Google Classroom. The collaborative features offered a way for the teachers to provide instant feedback for students during the writing process.

iTeach Extension: enrichment station created with PadletIf students completed the activity, the teacher used a Padlet to create an enrichment station where students were presented with scenario questions to dig deeper into the novel. A QR code was created and posted on a whiteboard. Students scanned the code and had the option to answer the scenario questions using the Padlet board type feature, hand write their answer and post a photo of their work, or create a video representation of their project. To further extend the Padlet option, students could review other posts and use the new “comment” feature to provide feedback to their peers.

Padlet and Google Classroom are great options for delivering content and providing options to process and produce products. This simple idea of an enrichment station is easily transferable to any subject and grade level. The ability to post text, pictures, audio, and video makes it a great option for addressing various learning styles.