INFOPICS at Stinson Middle School

INFOPICS at Stinson Middle SchoolBackground: Having met frequently with the Stinson Middle School administrative team to discuss the campus vision and how technology can play a role, Academic Tech Coach Sharon Christensen fostered the climate to make the day a reality. Teachers worked in cooperative groups to analyze one of the thirteen required objectives on the Stinson’s School Improvement Plan [SIP] and created an Infopic to illustrate their responses to these three questions: [1] What campus activities have supported this goal/objectives? [2] How can the campus continue to address this objective? They brainstormed another goal and/or activity to support the objective. [3] How did the goal support or align with a critical success factor?

How was this accomplished? Campus members shared a video explaining Infopics and the various apps used to create them. The principal oversaw the activity, assuring the teachers their ideas and insights for the objectives were paramount and the technology was a tool for delivery. To allow everyone to view and comment on each others’ work, the Infopics were shared with the faculty via a Google Classroom set up for the day’s training. Teachers commented via the classroom and shared their ideas for revision and extension. Many voices, not frequently heard in a large group setting, were present in the stream.

Outcome: Campus administration came away with ideas for future staff development as well as areas that still need to be addressed in the school improvement plan. Teachers got to see the school improvement plan and how far they have come.