Food Truck Showdown

By Jean Yang

Food Truck Showdown - Bernal Middle SchoolCreativity is glowing in Mrs. Carter’s Family Consumer Sciences (FCS) class at Bernal Middle School where students collaborated to create a menu for their original food trucks. They began with brainstorming a theme for the types of foods that would be offered and agreed upon a logo and name. Then, each group recorded a clip to entice others to try their product. The videos were edited with a software of the students’ liking to produce a finished commercial. As a portion of the group worked on the video, the rest diligently designed a presentation medium. Food Truck Showdown - Bernal Middle SchoolSome group members generated vibrant websites to showcase their menu, as others utilized paints to build a display. Toward the end of the process, one specialty item was chosen by the group to plate and present to a panel of judges, along with the recipe. The entire process integrated technology into their learning, resulting in student engagement, critical thinking, and differentiation. Not only did the project implement technology, but it also incorporated time management, graphic design, and advertising/marketing - skills required in the business field.

Food Truck Showdown - Bernal Middle School