Digi U is on the Stinson Campus

By Elizabeth Aguilar Cruz

Digital UniversityDigital University (Digi U) is the big challenge on campus for sixth grade advisory students at Stinson Middle School. Students have the opportunity to learn 21st century technology skills while having fun and earning digital badges.

Digital UniversityThe journey begins at the Digital Resources University webpage.  Here is where students access the challenges, digi tools, research skills tips, and library tutorials.  All of these parts will help the students to be successful as they work through the weekly technology challenges. The challenges involve anywhere from organization and coding to research and collaboration using GAFE and other web 2.0 tools. Students can work on the challenges independently during advisory, at home on their phones, or before school in the computer lab. Digi U challenges are self paced, but it is not rare to see students helping one another and teachers learning from the students.  “Not only are the students learning, but I’m learning as well.” says 6th grade advisory teacher Dorothy Manning.

Digital UniversityCompleted challenges are turned in through the Digi U Google Classroom where students receive digital badges for their hard work. These digital badges will be displayed in the students’ online e-portfolio that they will create during Digi U challenge #4 using Google Sites. The e-portfolio will serve as a growing digital showcase of the student’s goals, exemplary projects, learning reflections, and achievements from their middle school years.  

Digital UniversityDigital University students at Stinson Middle School are taking the steps to learn new tech skills and building on those skills by applying what they have learned into their school work. The ultimate goal of Digital University is for students to learn not only the technology skills of today, but the competencies that they will need to be successful citizens for tomorrow.  



Digital University

Digital University