Connecting With Students

By Lizzy Aguilar Cruz

To-do lists, calendar appointments, family obligations - we are all busy.  Teachers and students have a lot of on their plates and anything that can save time is more than welcome in making the daily grind run a little bit smoother.  Jefferson Middle School GT History teacher, Midge Mohler, is doing just that with Pop UP History tutoring.  Mrs. Mohler sets aside thirty minutes of her evening time to hold a live Q and A tutoring session for her students.  A few minutes before the session begins, she posts the live link to her Google Classroom and students join in the conversation by signing in with their student YouTube account.  The students typically ask questions about information that they have covered in class, but Mrs. Mohler isn’t the only one that answers.  Students via the chat help to answer each other’s questions.  As Mrs. Mohler waits for the students to type in responses, she will throw in interesting facts or trivia type questions to get the students thinking. 

Pop UP tutoring has increased the communication between teacher, students, and parents.  Students can participate while waiting for practice to begin and while their teacher is preparing dinner. Since the video is recorded students can later go back to review it or watch for the first time if they were not able to attend her session.  The first Pop Up video had 14 active participants during the live session and over 100 views by the next day.  Mrs. Mohler’s use of technology is efficient and it is leaving an impression on her students and their parents.  “My mom watched with me and she said it was really good how you were interacting with us.  She said you should be awarded the teacher of the year!  I would love to do more of these before tests because it helps.”