After the Flip

Technology Services’ Secondary Academic Coaches will present an AFTER THE FLIP session during Office of Staff Development’s (OSD) Super Saturday on April 11 at NAC. The training is offered to K-12 teachers from multi campuses who will learn to incorporate active learning strategies into their teaching. These strategies will support the flipped learning environment. After the videos are created and resources collected, a variety of technology tools to engage learners in higher order thinking skills will be demonstrated. We know that the millennial student prefers active learning strategies that are relevant, rational, relaxed, and offer rapport (The Five R’s of Engaging Millennial Students by Mary Bart in Teaching and Learning, November 16, 2011). Research tells us that students retain about 70 percent of what they hear in the first 10 minutes of class and just 20 percent during the last ten minutes. Active learning strategies will be the focus. Teachers will become engaged learners participating in a variety of “hands on” activities as they learn sustainability in the flipped environment.