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40 DEVELOPMENTAL ASSETS The Developmental Assets are 40 common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults. The workshop explores these assets, as well as at-risk factors.  Participant will be challenged to reinforce assets that students already exhibit and to become "an equalizer" to level the playing field for those students who do not.
Based on Eric Jensen's Teaching with Poverty in Mind, this session provides participants with an understanding of how students are affected by poverty.  In addition, participants will learn brain-based teaching strategies to help all students fulfill their potential.
Based on the work of Robert Marzano, this session focuses on the most effective classroom management techniques for student success.  This session will provide teachers with action steps to successfully implement rules, procedures and disciplinary interventions and to build teacher-student relationships, teacher with-it-ness, and student self-management.
Feeling a bit chaotic? Learn how to find focus, make a plan, get organized, take action, and manage stress both inside and outside the classroom. Based off of Pamela Dodd and Doug Sundheim's The 25 Best Time Management Tools & Techniques, participants will leave with strategies to help with time management and organization.
This session will showcase a variety of strategies found in Thinking Through Quality Questioning by Walsh and Sattes.  The hands-on training will help participants discover ways to increase the cognitive demand placed on students while escalating their level of ownership and participation in the learning process.
Learn to accommodate the different ways that students learn and how to engage every student.  Participants will gain an understanding of what a DI classroom looks like, and leave with strategies to differentiate instruction in their own classroom.
Learn how to promote powerful thinking in any classroom by exploring topics in deep and complex ways. Explore the 11 elements of Sandra Kaplan's depth and complexity to find out how easy it is to differentiate your lessons using these elements.
Gain a deeper understanding of the role formative assessment plays in guiding instruction. Participants will look at various opportunities for embedding formative assessment in their lessons, and learn how to gather the best possible evidence of mastery and use that data to plan future action.
NINE ESSENTIAL SKILLS OF LOVE & LOGIC This session focuses on nine essential Love and Logic skills that help create a classroom that stimulates responsible behavior and high levels of academic achievement: Neutralizing student arguing, Delaying consequences, Empathy, The Recovery Process, Developing positive teacher/student relationships, Setting limits with enforceable statements, Using choices to prevent power struggles, Quick and easy preventative interventions, and Guiding students to own and solve their problems.
Get "Parents on Your Side" and learn innovative ways to communicate with parents and organize & conduct parent conferences using resources from Lee Canter's Parents on Your Side.   Participants will walk away with a wealth of useful and ready-to-use materials.
PLANTING SEEDS FOR SUCCESSFUL CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT  In this two-day session, participants explore research-based techniques and strategies used by effective teachers to create a classroom full of successful, motivated students. This session will focus on the keys to developing a proactive classroom management approach: classroom organization, fostering a relationship of mutual respect, establishing procedures and routines, creating a sense of classroom community, focusing on instructional process, fostering student motivation, and managing misbehavior. 
NOTE: Participants must attend both days to receive credit. Administrative approval is required for attendance.
QUALITY QUESTIONING Based on the book by Walsh and Sattes, this session will offer a variety of strategies to engage students in higher level thinking. Participants will learn how to prepare and present questions to increase student achievement.
REACHING FOR RIGOR This session dispels myths about what rigor is and is not, while providing teachers with strategies for communicating and supporting high academic expectations.
SETTING UP YOUR CLASSROOM FOR SUCCESS  Discover strategies for creating a classroom climate that encourages student learning and enhances success.  Elementary & Secondary sessions are available.
New teachers and veteran teachers alike experience times in the classroom where we feel stuck in survival mode. In this session, we will explore how acts of simple, deliberate reflection can jump-start our teaching engine and help both teachers and students thrive again. Come ready to practice strategies for reflection and make plans to use reflection as a tool throughout the school year.
TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION: CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT In this session, based on the book by Doug Lemov, participants will learn the five principles of classroom culture and a variety of straightforward techniques to build routines, set high behavioral expectations, and build character and trust.
TEACH LIKE A CHAMPION: STUDENT ENGAGEMENT Based on Doug Lemov's work, this session outlines actionable steps that teachers can use to plan for student engagement. Participants will focus on techniques for setting high academic expectations, planning for success, lesson structure, pacing, and questioning. 
TEACHING DISCIPLINE Based on the book Proactive Discipline Strategies for Reactive Students by Dr. Fred Johnson, this session explores research-based strategies for working with students and teaching proactive discipline techniques. It also assists in discovering effective teacher cool-down strategies.      
THE TOOLS OF COOPERATIVE LEARNING Do you want to "spice things up" in your classroom? Cooperative learning will make teaching and learning more fun and effective! This session will focus on classbuilding techniques and cooperative learning strategies for pairs and partners.
THOUGHTFUL LESSON PLANNING Based on Madeline Hunter's book Mastery Teaching, this session will focus on the critical elements in planning an engaging lesson, with varied ways to instruct, motivate students and check for understanding.
TOOLS FOR ENGAGEMENT Students enter our classrooms each day in a variety of states - some full of energy and some barely awake.  Learn to manage these emotional states to deepen student engagement and promote learner success. Based on Eric Jensen's Tools for Engagement, participants will leave the session with tools to captivate, activate, energize, and mobilize students.
WORKSHEETS DON"T GROW DENDRITES In this interactive session, participants will understand and experience engaging strategies outlined in the book by Marcia Tate. Participants will understand the importance of applying multiple modalities during the learning experience to aid understanding and memory. Participants will explore the book and leave with resources to engage and encourage student learning.