HS Science - Other opportunities

High School Science Professional Development Offered Outside NISD-June to September 2018

Title:  Streamlined Science TEKS K-12
Description: Participants analyze and interpret recently streamlined TEKS plan for their implementation. For any K-12 science teacher.
Location: Region 20
Dates & Times: Workshop #47870 - June 15, 8:30-11:30
Workshop #46787 - July 30, 8:30-11:30
Link: https://txr20.escworks.net/
Cost: $50


Title:  Progress for All Science Learners through Differentiated Instruction
Description: Do you want to help all your students make progress in their learning? Experience DI through the eyes of diverse learners, then create lessons. Science teachers, Gr 6-12
Location: Region 20
Dates & Times: Workshop #50874 June 21, 8:30-3:30
Cost: $100


Title:  Tools for Effective Planning in Science
Description: Examine the components of planning the art and science of teaching the content and cognitive expectations of the TEKS, review ways to support science literacy. Gr 3-12
Location: Region 20 Workshop #50873
Dates & Times: July 17, 8:30-11:30
Link: https://txr20.escworks.net/
Cost: $50


Title:  UTSA-Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Description: Focus on earth and environmental sciences. Includes laboratory and field studies. Participants receive classroom resources.
Location: UTSA
Dates & Times: June 18 - 22 
Link: hatim.sharif@utsa.edu
Cost: Grant funded, Stipend $400 First 15 qualified applicants Apply by May 11


Title:  Vernier Data Collection Workshop
Description: Explore Vernier probes and data collection technology with their training specialists.
Location: San Antonio hotel (TBA)
Dates & Times: Thurs, Sept 13, 4:00 - 8:00 pm
Sat, Sept 15, 12:00 - 4:00 pm
Link: https://www.vernier.com/training/workshop/1381/
Cost: Free


Title:  Vernier Summer Institute
Description: Full day training. Explore probes, direct sensors, wireless and USB connectivity. Includes your choice of Vernier electronic lab book.
Location: "Norris Conf Center, San Antonio
Dates & Times: Wed, June 20, 8:00-3:30
Link: https://www.vernier.com/training/workshop/1423/
Cost: $99


Title:  Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition Externship/ Project-Based Learning Workshop
Description: Five 5-days sessions, up to 40 per session
  • Problem-based learning preparation
  • Externships at 3 business sites
  • Real world applications for classrooms
  • $500 stipend upon completion
  • High school teachers, counselors
Dates & Times:
  • Physical Sciences-June 25-29 ; July 9-13
  • Life Sciences-June 25-29; July 23-27; July 30-Aug 3
  • Cybersecurity-July 9-13
  • Math-June 18-22; July 9-13
  • Business-June 18-22
Link: Scroll down to application: http://alamostemwc.org/educators/teacher-externship-project-2018
Cost: Application required


Title:  UT Health-SA Southwest National Primate Research Center
Description: Teacher Enrichment Initiative, Voelcker Biosciences Teacher Academy Bus tour and guest speakers
Location: Bus leaves/returns to UT Health, 7703 Floyd Curl
Dates & Times: Tues, June 26, 8:30-noon
Link: Apply online at https://teachhealthk-12.uthscsa.edu/vbta/event/register-summers-snprc-fi...
Cost: ---


Title:  AP Summer Institute St. Mary's Hall
Description: AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics 1
Location: ---
Dates & Times: June 25-28
Link: https://www.smhall.org/apsi/apsi-overview
Cost: $525 / (+$25 after May 9)


Title:  AP Summer Institute UTSA
Description: AP Bio (new, experienced); APES (new, experienced); Chemistry; Physics 1
Location: ---
Dates & Times: July 31-Aug 3
Link: http://www.utsa.edu/ee/apsi/overview.html
Cost: $550 ($600 after Jul 6)


Title:  AP Summer Institute Texas Lutheran University
Description: Physics 1 (only science offered)
Location: ---
Dates & Times: July 16-19
Link: http://www.tlu.edu/about/community/advanced-placement-summer-institute/
Cost: $525 ($575 after May 31)


Title:  AP Summer Institute Madison High School
Description: AP Biology, Chemistry, APES, Physics 1, Physics 2. Also Bio PreAP, Chem PreAP
Location: ---
Dates & Times: July 23-26
Link: http://www.apinstitute.com/
Cost: $535