Stinson Dress Code

SMS Dress Code

The district’s dress code is implemented (Section D page 7); therefore, students will be expected to follow the guidelines set forth by the district.

Dress code standards are extended to extra-curricular activities held on the campus. In an effort to promote a safe and positive school environment which is conducive to learning the following will be


• Pants and skirts must be worn at the waist, no loose waistbands or oversized pants are permitted.

• No yoga pants, bicycle pants, and leggings will be permitted.

• No clothing with inappropriate holes, ripped, tears, purposely torn, frayed, or tear-away pants ABOVE THE KNEE will not be allowed.

• No oversized clothing sagging, bagging, and dragging pants. Pant legs secured at the cuff with rubber bands or other devices will not be permitted.

• Shorts are prohibited for boys and girls.

• Capri pants should be no less than 4” below the kneecap.

• Skirts with slits must be no more than 4” above the knee (the slit must meet the same requirement)

• No writing on the back side of pants


• Inappropriate, indecent, suggestive, low cut, excessively tight, or distracting clothing (some examples: sexual slogans, gangs, tobacco, alcohol/drug products, weapons, violence or writing across the buttocks) will not be allowed. This includes patches, drawings, or writing on clothing.

• All Shirts/Tops must be worn appropriately – baggy & long shirts below the buttock area are not acceptable. The top of the shirt (shoulder) must be no less than 2 ½” wide (approx.. 3 fingers wide) and must come to the edge of the shoulder.

• No exposed midriffs, backs, or underpants. No tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, strapless, tube top, camisole type, see though are not allowed. Jackets are not allowed to cover dress code violations.


• Trench-style coats are not permitted.

• Wallet chains, dog chains, dog collars, spike and leash type jewelry is prohibited.

• Undergarments are not to be visible, nor should they be worn as outer garments (for example: plain white T-Shirt, muscle shirts), including pajama tops or bottoms. All undershirts must be tucked inside trousers.

• Flip flops, house shoes/slippers/shower shoes/slides are not permitted. (Shoes with no back strap will not be allowed)

• Body piercing other than ears is not permitted. Ear rings, like all jewelry must be school appropriate, and earlobe spikes and/or “spacers are prohibited. No other body piercing jewelry is allowed.

• Tattoos should be covered at all times.

• Body art in any form to include writing on skin, distracting or inappropriate stickers, and glitter is prohibited.

• Hair must be neat and clean. Unconventional colored, multi-colored or spiked, Mohawk or Fohawk hairstyles are not permitted.

• Insignias or initials, lines, designs etched in the eyebrows, hair or any part of the scalp are not permitted.

• No headgear (caps/hats) while in the building. Because fads in dress and grooming are subject to sudden and sometimes radical change, a basic rule to remember is that student dress and grooming should not be suggestive, indecent, or unusual as to detract from the classroom environment.

Changes in dress code, deemed appropriate and necessary by the school principal, may be announced, implemented and enforced during the course of the academic school year.

Students not complying with the dress code will be removed from the regular school setting until the parent is able to provide appropriate attire.

We acknowledge that students form close association/friendships.

When those associations/friendships are expressed outwardly by the wearing of specific colors or displaying of jewelry items that stand out from the general student body, disciplinary action may ensue.

Final determination of acceptable dress code and grooming rests with the principal or his/her designee.