Our Mission at Stinson

Stinson's Strategic Design


Through relevant and engaging learning experiences, we will foster an environment of mutual respect and equip students with the academic and technological skills to grow as lifelong learners, problem solvers, and productive citizens.


All of our students will use innovative tools to acquire skills and knowledge necessary to adapt and be successful in a highly competitive global society.


We believe:

The student has the right and responsibility to learn in a safe environment to achieve his maximum potential.

 The learning environment is student-centered and incorporates active, engaging experiences that benefit all learning types.

  Learning is a life-long process.

The outcome of good teaching practices allows students to read, process, and analyze to form their own conclusions on various topics.

A student’s education comes from a passionate professional that stimulates and provokes his learning capabilities.

Meaningful work engages and prepares the student for a productive future.


In fairness and accountability for everyone involved in the learning process.

In creating positive parental interactions.