Needless to say, attendance in school is not only necessary for your child to progress academically, it is required by law.  But we understand that things come up.  Sometimes it’s a religious holiday. Sometimes it’s your child’s breakfast.  We know kids will be absent from time to time.  


District policy and State laws dictate the boundaries of our attendance protocols. More detailed information regarding the district’s attendance policy can be found in the Student/Parent Handbook on pages D3 through D6.


Our Attendance Secretary is Edith Acosta .  

She can be reached by phone at 210-397-3608.  


For attendance process specific to Stinson Middle School, please click on the following link:

Stinson Attendance Policy

Stinson Attendance tips…

Notes from home

All notes regarding an absence must be taken to our attendance secretary.  These notes may be brought in by the student or the parent/guardian.  You can also take a picture of the doctor’s note and email it to our attendance clerk.  In lieu of a hand written parent note, you can also email our attendance secretary a message about the absence.

Checking your child out early

We understand that occasionally, you need to pick up your child before the 3:40 pm bell.  But the end of the day can be an especially hectic time for all our staff members.  We require that you please do this before 3:20 pm.

Our goal is to maximize each student’s time in class. That means we would rather wait for you to arrive to check out your student from class rather than having them wait for you.  Delays in your arrival can cause them to have to wait a long time in the attendance office resulting in them needlessly missing class instruction.