Title 3 Newcomer Liaisons


Title 3 Newcomer Family Liaisons

Northside ISD is the destination district and welcomes our diverse population of students and families that are new to the United States, Texas, and our district. We have  Newcomer Family Liaisons who are here to help in the transition for campuses, community partners, and students in an effort to support families who are resettling within our boundaries from other countries. 

To generate a referral for a student or family who needs services go to https://familyengagement.nisd.net/Login.aspx

Christina St. John

 NISD Newcomer Liaison picture of Christina St. John

In the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio, I spent the first 19 years of my life before I began to travel across the Unites States, to beautiful lands of Japan, to the crystal clear waters of Hawaii and ultimately settling here in the Spurs country San Antonio. 
While spending a few years in  North Carolina, I was afforded to opportunity to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Social Work at East Carolina University. My Master's degree was earned at the University of Texas at San Antonio after I decided that San Antonio would be the place to raise a family. 
Throughout my professional career whether it was in a school, foster homes, hospitals, or homeless shelters,  I have been honored to be welcomed into the lives of so many as they embarked on their personal journey of change. Whatever the change, the road is often long and hard; full of highs and lows, expected and unexpected consequences and to be a part of that in anyone's life is simply a blessing. 
Christina Horvath is currently supporting: Colonies North Elementary, Hobby Middle School, Rawlinson Middle School, Rudder Middle School, and Brandies High School

Deje' Bragg

Deje' Bragg - Title 3 Newcomer Liaison NISD 

My name is Deje' (Day-sha) and I am so excited to be working with our Newcomer families!
My family has lived in San Antonio for 15 years and continues to love it more and more! I have lived and worked in Dallas, working with children who were in foster care as well as having lived and worked in Myanmar on different community development projects. I love different cultures and traveling and have spent time in Ukraine, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, and Viet Nam. 
I believe all of us here at Northside have the unique privilege of being surrounded by so many different cultures and families whose unique experiences offer  invaluable depth and perspective to our daily lives. I am honored to work with such a great team, awesome schools, and amazing families!
We are Northside!
Deje' Bragg is currently supporting: Glenoaks Elementary, Mead Elementary, Stinson Middle School, Marshall High School, Clark High School