Brownie, Fudge,
Reduced Fat
Oatmeal Bar
Cereal Bar -Chocolate
Mini Animal Grahams,
Whole Grain
Crackers,Graham Cinnamon
Large Whole Grain - 2pkg
Cheese Crackers,
Whole Grain-1 pkg
Cereal on the Go -
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cereal on the Go -
Golden Grahams
Cereal Treat Bar
Cheese Portion-1 oz
Mild Cheddar
Chips, Baked Cheetos
Chips, Baked Cheetos Hot
Chips, Doritos
Chips, Tostitios
Chips, Funyuns Onions
Chips, Sun Chips
Chips, Sun Chips
Popcorn, Cheese
Cookie, Chocolate Chip-
Whole Grain, Low Fat
Cookie, Double Choc
Whole Grain, Low Fat
Cookie, Sugar - Whole
Grain, Low Fat
Fruit, Chips Dried Apple
Ice Cream, Banana
Fudge Bar
Ice Cream, Chocolate
Fudge Bar
Ice Cream, LF Chocolate
Chocolate Ice Cream Cup
Ice Cream, Cookie Cone
Ice Cream Cookie/Cream
Ice Cream,Cookies/Cream
Ice Cream, Dream Bar
Ice Cream, Vanilla
Ice Cream, Pop Up Bar
Ice Cream, Rainbow
Freeze Bar
Ice Cream,Strawberry Cup
Peach Bar
Strawberry Bar
Ice Cream,
Sherbet Cup
Ice Cream, Sundae
Cookie/Cream Cup
Vanilla Ice Cream Cup
Chocolate Pudding Cup
Vanilla Pudding Cup
Gelatin Cup
Toaster Pastry, Brown
Sugar Whole Grain
Yogurt - 8 oz
Non Fat
Chicken Noodle Soup
Mexican Tortilla Soup
Tomato Basil Soup
Juice, Apple -4oz
Juice, Fruit Blend 4oz
Juice, Orange -4 oz
Juice, Orange -6oz
Blue Razz
Juice - 6 oz
Sour Apple
Juice - 6 oz
Juice, Orange -8oz
Milk-1% White-8oz
Milk-Skim Chocolate
Milk-Skim - 8 oz
Milk-Lactose Free 8 oz
Milk-Soy - 8 oz
Milk-1% Chocolate-16oz
Gatorade-11.5 oz can
Gatorade G2 - 12 oz
All Flavors
Snapple 100% Juice
Fruit Punch-11.5 oz
Snapple 100% Juice
Grape-11.5 oz
Snapple 100% Juice
Orange Mango-11.5 oz
Country Time Lemonade
12 oz
True Brew Tea
12 oz Bottle
True Brew Lemonade/
WatermelonLimeade 12 oz
YooHoo 11.5 oz