WJEN Submissions


WJEN is a great media tool to get important information out to all students.  However, the broadcast receives MANY different announcement submissions in varied formats and managing these can be difficult at times. Please refer to the following helpful tips when creating announcements.

Announcements run on morning intercom announcements as well as the WJEN daily video broadcasts. Students, faculty, district personnel, board members, professional media members and parents view WJEN daily, so please ensure slides are submitted in a professional manner, suitable for the audience.


                    1.     All submissions must be sent to vicki.guller@nisd.net for approval. If you would like to cc: james.butler@nisd.net, that can expedite the process, but the announcement cannot run until it receives administrative approval.

                    2.     Please specify in the email how long you would like it to run (up to a maximum of 3 days). If you would like for the announcement to run longer, or on additional dates, please RESUBMIT the announcement on those days.  Try not to run the announcements too many days. WJEN receives a large volume of various announcements and is only allotted a few minutes each morning so as not to interrupt first period instructional time.

                    3.     Please include a Power Point Slide (decorated for professional appearance). Often your students can help in creating visually-pleasing slides. Please limit your announcement to one slide.

                    4.     Please include the script you would like to the announcers to read while the slide is on screen by typing it in the “Notes” section of the slide.

                    5.     Light backgrounds and dark, easy to read fonts work best. Try to focus on the main points you would like to convey and allow the script being read to fill in additional details.



WJEN Submissions