About the SEA

About the Science and Engineering Academy

Statement of Philosophy & Mission

The mission of the SEA is to provide students of diverse backgrounds an advanced and rigorous curriculum in all core subjects with a focus on science, engineering, math, and technology that shows real-world relevance and will prepare them for further study in higher education and their chosen careers.

Eight Defining Characteristics of the
Science and Engineering Academy

A shared vision and culture
professional learning community
Strong relationships
Relevant curriculum
Academic rigor
High performance
Strong community and business partnerships
Necessary resources for success

Established in 1997 as Northside Independent Schools District's fourth magnet program, the Science Academy, as it was then called, opened its doors with less than 60 incoming freshmen from Anson Jones and Sam Rayburn Middles Schools. It all began with a desire to do something special with the many talented students from the John Jay High School feeder schools. Additionally, a growing national need for more promising young people to pursue degrees in the science and engineering fields was recognized.

With the addition of engineering to the name, the 2004-2005 school year marked the recruitment of students from all Northside ISD middle schools. Although the SEA had few of the advanced courses and distinct curriculum now offered, there was a dream and a vision of what the school could become. Now, with a large number of Advanced Placement courses as well as several courses unique to the Science and Engineering Academy, the school has earned numerous awards and accolades. Approximately 700 students from every area of Northside ISD currently attend the SEA. Tremendous successes have been achieved by SEA students in a wide variety of academic competitions including the highest honors at the Alamo Regional Junior Academy of Science and Science and Engineering Fair for ten years in a row. SEA students have traveled across the nation and internationally showcasing their work and meeting several Nobel Prize winning scientists, have been published in peer-reveiwed journals, and have been awarded patents for their innovative projects. The SEA is just at the very beginning of its journey. With continued hard work, a focused passion, and a little bit of luck the SEA will continue to achieve new heights in academic greatness.