SEA Students Attend the NHMA Future Doctors Program

John Jay Science and Engineering Academy sponsored a trip to The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA) for their first pre-medicine recruitment event. Twenty aspiring doctors were invited by the National Hispanic Medical Association (NMHA) to participate in the event which included an introduction by Dr. Elena Rios, President & CEO of NMHA, who shared her own journey to becoming a doctor and emphasized the importance of minorities and underrepresented students entry into medical and other health professional careers. 

High school students, parents, and counselors had the opportunity to meet a panel of medical school students from UTHSCA and hear answers to questions about their choices and interests in high school and college, the difficulty, level of dedication and time required to pursue their medical degree and the many avenues available along the way that made their journey easier.

 Information acquired by students included what high school and college classes would provide the most rigor and preparation for success in medical school, the importance of testing, grades and community service, the medical school application process, financial aid and time required to complete a medical degree.

The afternoon saw students learning how to correctly suture “patients” arms and legs in a medical school laboratory and had students excited for their futures in healthcare.