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National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools
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Member high schools represent 29 states with programs that range from full day non-residential to full day residential to half-day programs. Institutional Membership is open to specialized secondary or schools with specialized centers located in the U. S. that have non profit status and primary objective congruent with the Consortium's Mission.

The goal of the Consortium is to foster, support, and advance the efforts of those specialized schools whose primary purpose is to attract and academically prepare students for leadership in mathematics, science, and technology.

The NCSSS was established in 1988 to provide a forum for schools to exchange information and program ideas and to evolve alliances between them. There are currently 95 institutional members (secondary schools), representing more than 35,000 students and 1,400 educators. These are joined by over 50 affiliate members (colleges, universities, and corporations) who share the goals of transforming mathematics, science, and technology education.

NCSSS holds a fall student conference and a spring professional conference, both hosted by member institutions. Publications include a seasonal newsletter, a biannual journal, and booklet profiling member institutions. Click here to go to the NCSSS website.