School Uniforms

For more information on our uniforms, please view our dress code section or the Student-Parent Handbooks.

Elementary Schools

Campus Shirts Pants/Skirts Shoes/Misc
Adams Hill Navy blue Polo (short-sleeved) Khaki shorts, skorts, jumpers or trousers  
Cable White or red blouse or shirt with a collar Dark navy blue pants, shorts, jumper & skort Athletic/Any style
Esparza Navy or white shirt w/ Collar (may have school logo but not required) Khaki, navy, or dark blue denim pants, skirts or shorts. Belts to be worn and fit waist
Glenn Red Polo Shirt Navy blue or khaki pants walking shorts, skirts, or jumpers  
Passmore Light Blue or White Polo Shirt Navy blue pants, walking shorts, skirts, or jumpers  
Valley Hi

Light blue or navy blue polo shirts and navy blue T-shirts
Second-Fifth Grade mandatory

Khaki or navy pants skirts or jumpers or jeans Jackets, Sweaters Coats any color/any belt with pants

Secondary Schools

Campus Shirts Pants/Skirts Shoes/Misc
Alternative HS White polo shirt Khaki pleated pants  
Alternative MS White polo shirt Relaxed-fit blue jeans  
Holmgreen Center White polo shirt Khaki pleated pants  
Jones 6th: White polo shirt; 7th: Gold polo shirt; 8th: Black polo shirt All Grades: Khaki or Black pants  
Neff 6th: Black polo shirt; 7th: Gray polo shirt; 8th: Blue polo shirt

Khaki, straight-legged docker style pants

Rayburn 6th: Red polo shirt; 7th: White polo shirt; 8th: Black polo shirt All students - Khaki or black pants  
Ross Shirt colors change by grade level yearly. See the school website for up-to-date information. Khaki pants  
Zachry Red, white, black or grey shirts, Zachry spirit shirts, Taft, Warren, Brennan or magnet high school spirit shirts and/or college shirts Black or Khaki Pants, skirts, jumpers, and capris/cargo shorts.