Middle School Summer Remediation

Middle Summer School Remediation Program, 6th, 7th, & 8th Grade
June 2019

Remediation for 2018-2019 Students in Grades 6—8
June 11 - June 27, 2019 (M-F)
8:00 a.m.—1:30 p.m.

Summer School Site Feeder Campuses
Ross MS Connally, Jordan, Pease, Ross
Rudder MS Hector Garcia, Hobby, Neff, Rawlinson, Rudder, Stinson
Vale Bernal, Briscoe, Luna, Rayburn, Vale
Zachry Folks, Jefferson, Jones, Stevenson, Zachry

Registration Deadline
Pre-registration for NISD students runs from May 13 to June 7. Submitting the summer school registration form by the deadline is important since class participation is first come, first serve. If the class is full when the registration form is returned to the campus, the student will be put on a waiting list, and it may be the first day or two of summer school before notification is made as to availability. Students registered for the Summer School Program will receive a reminder letter in the last day of school.


Students who have failed 2 or 3 core academic courses and would otherwise be retained. (Students who fail 1 course may be admitted on a space available basis)

Dress and Grooming
NISD dress, grooming and conduct regulation are still in effect through the summer program.

If your child received transportation services during the regular school year, your child will continue with pick up and drop off at neighborhood locations. However, these locations may differ from bus stops during the year. This information will be communicated to you through a letter that will be placed in your child's final report card.

All students who walk to school during the regular school year will walk to their home campus. Transportation services will be provided from your child's home campus to the summer school campus (if different from the child's home campus). In the afternoon, all students eligible for transportation will be dropped off at a neighborhood location, the home campus or a daycare (as long as it is within the cluster's boundaries).

Questions regarding transportation services, please contact the Transportation Department at 210-397-0859.

Breakfast and Lunch
Breakfast (beginning at 7:30 am) and lunch will be provided at the summer cluster sites. More information will be available once the student is registered for the NISD Summer School Program.

Students will spend five (5) hours daily to cover as much instructional information as possible. Students may be placed in multi-age groupings based course and enrollment numbers. There will receive a grade at the end of the summer program which will be communicated to the home campus principal and parent.