Elementary Summer School

The Elementary Summer School Program will be offered to students in Grades K-4 who are being retained or placed, and for students in 5th grade that did not meet the passing standard for STAAR reading and math.

Grades K-4 and 5th Grade Accelerated Instruction Summer Program
Classes for elementary summer school K-4 begin Tuesday, June 11 and end on Friday, June 28. Classes for 5th grade Summer School begin on Tuesday, June 11 and end on Wednesday, June 26. Classes will be held at various elementary cluster campuses in the district from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. 

The enrollment period for the K-5 and 5th Grade Accelerated Instruction Summer Program will be from April 22 thorugh May 10. All eligible students will be notified by their home campus.

PK/K/1st  Elementary State Mandated Bilingual Summer Program
The state mandated program will be offered to Pk/K/1st retained students enrolled in a Bilingual/ESL program.  Classes will be from June 6-9, (Tuesday-Friday-first week only), June 13-June 30 (Monday-Thursday)  from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

No tuition is charged for the elementary summer school programs.

Children receiving transportation services during the regular school year will continue with pick up and drop off at neighborhood locations.  However, these locations may differ from bus stops during the year.  This information will be communicated to parents through a letter that will be placed in the student’s final report card.

All students who walk to school during the regular school year will walk to the home campus.  Transportation services will be provided from student’s home campus to the summer school campus (if different from the child’s home campus).  In the afternoon, all students eligible for transportation will be dropped off at a neighborhood location, the home campus or a daycare (as long as it is within the cluster’s boundaries).

Any questions regarding transportation services can be communicated to the Transportation Department at 210-397-0875.

Breakfast and Lunch
Breakfast (beginning at 7:15 am and ending at 7:55 am) and lunch will be provided at the summer cluster sites.  More information will be available once the student is registered for the NISD Elementary Summer School Program.

Students will spend time in a variety of instructional activities designed to strengthen weaknesses in language arts and/or math.  There will be no letter grades given, but progress reports will be provided.