Earl Rudder Middle School

Earl Rudder Middle School, the eighth middle school in the Northside Independent School District, was named after the patriotic Texan, Earl Rudder. Born in Eden, on May 6, 1910, Rudder was a graduate of Texas A&M and Texas Christian University. In 1932, he began a career in education as a teacher and coach in Brady, Texas. This career was interrupted in 1941 by the outbreak of World War II.

In June 1943, Rudder organized and trained the 2nd Ranger Battalion, which was given the mission of scaling 100-foot cliffs at Point du Hoc during the D-Day invasion of Normandy. Rudder's Rangers suffered over 50 percent casualties during the first day of the invasion of France. Although wounded twice during the engagement, Rudder remained in action and in command.

In 1944, he took command of the 109th Infantry Regiment. Eight days later, the Germans began their last great counteroffensive of the war, now known as the Battle of the Bulge. The 109th is credited with a major role in repulsing the German attack.

After the war, he returned to Brady where he entered private business. He also remained active in the Army Reserve where he advanced to the rank of Major General, served as major for six years, and was Texas Land Commissioner from 1955 - 1958.

In 1958, General Rudder returned to education, and served as President of Texas A&M University System until his death in 1970. Earl Rudder Middle School proudly bears the name of this distinguished Texan and American.