About Us

Evelyn Scarborough is the namesake of the 62nd elementary school in Northside.
A tireless advocate for special education students and a teacher's teacher, Evelyn Scarborough spent more than 40 years in education. At Northside, she worked as a counselor and special education teacher and coordinator. She helped implement numerous services for special education students and their parents, including On Job Training and the Early Childhood Collaboration. Now retired, she continues her devotion to the community, remaining an active volunteer in the Leon Valley community and schools.
Thank you, Mrs. Scarborough, for all that you have done for children in Northside. We LOVE YOU!!

In the spring of 2008, Scarborough students chose the Husky as its beloved mascot! The Husky is one of the most loving dogs. It has a great zest for life, boundless love in it's heart, and a mischievous spirit. It is classically beautiful,with friendly,spirit-filled eyes. A husky is most trustworthy around young children and small animals. It delights in their company and is a loyal wonderful companion for life. It is not prone to barking, but lets off a characteristic howl like a singing when making itself heard.

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Mission Statement

Leading the pack with knowledge, character, and passion!
Scarborough is dedicated to developing leaders by empowering our students to reach their greatest potential.  By providing opportunities for students to discover their unique strengths, we foster life-long learning in all HUSKIES!



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