Parent Info/Title I



Note: All Parent and Community Volunteers must pass a background check each year before working with or chaperoning students, including field trips.

You may complete a background check by clicking here.


The OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program is a national education organization which trains anyone over 50 years of age to assist first through third graders to be successful in reading. Those who are interested can contact Amaris Sanchez at 397-4026 for additional information.


The Rhodes Mentoring Program consists of businesses and/or individulas who are interested in making a difference in the life of an elementary child at our school. These individuals can assist children to be successful with academics or help create a loving and supportive relationship. For further information contact Marissa Barranco at 397-4026.


PALS are any parent that wants to volunteer at our school. They can help the teacher with projects, making copies, cutting things out, etc... PALS can also volunteer in the library or with any specialist to assist them.

Parent Chaperone Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in assisting with our upcoming field trip as a parent chaperone. We look forward to having you with us on the trip. Please read the linked information and guidelines.

Parent Chaperone Information

While on the field trip, we expect the children to follow the expectations set forth by the classroom teacher. As a parent chaperone we ask you to:

  • Follow the teacher's expectations for the children.
  • Know which children are in your group (maintain a list).
  • You may either ride the bus or provide your own transportation.
  • Make arrangements for younger children. Siblings will not be allowed to attend if you are a parent chaperone.
  • Understand that all children will ride the school bus to and from the field trip.
  • Do not make any purchases for the students.
  • Do not remove your child from their assigned group.

When children do not make appropriate choices:

  • Redirect the child in a positive manner
  • Ask the teacher for assistance.
  • Understand there may be instances when a child may need to be removed for a group by the teacher, if inappropriate choices are being made.

While attending a field trip, it is important to remember to take a step back from being "Mom or Dad." Your goal is to make sure that the children are well supervised and enjoy the trip. We appreciate your support and help. It is important that we know exactly how many parents will be in attendance on the field trip. If for some reason you are unable to attend after volunteering, please call the school office as soon as possible. (397-4000).