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Welcome message... At Nellie Reddix we focus on ABILITIES, not disabilities.  Our students are capable of contributing and being active members in their own community.  Reddix concentrates on teaching our students employability and independence skills.  We guide our students in discovering their own voice through self-advocacy and self-determination.  Our students are more alike than different!  We are REDDIX PROUD!  

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General information and expectations for each class Teachers work on independence and employability skills on campus and off.  Our students have an opportunity to build employment skills through on-site workshops and off campus employment partner businesses.  Independence skills are maximized through community exploration and campus experience.  Every student learns at their own pace and teachers on campus emphasize that success looks different for every student.

About me... Principal Fields has had the opportunity to lead at the Nellie Reddix Center for three years.  Prior to being a Principal, Robin Fields worked as a Special Education Area Coordinator for four years and the Life Skills Program Director for ten years.  Robin started her career in education in 1995 at Northwest Crossing Elementary in the life skills classroom.  Robin's entire educational career has been with Northside ISD.