Digital Citizenship

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Digital Safety and Citizenship

Can you believe everything you see on the Internet?

1.  Student Storage --How to Use Student Storage

2.  Are you a cyberbully?
Let's Fight it Together

When you have time, watch some of the following videos.

You Can't Take it back at
OnGuard Online:
More about cyberbullying That's Not Cool

For more information, check out the following Northside Digital Citizenship site at:

3.  Social Networking/Blog Beware--Be careful of the information you share online.

Are you revealing too much information online?

Are you being careful with what pictures you post?

Netsmartz: View one of the real life predator videos at Watch Survivor Diaries, Julie's Journey or Tracking Teresa.

4.  Is it OK to download any pictures and music you want from the Internet? What is copyright?

Copyright Kids: Take the Copyright Challenge: A Quiz

Taking the Mystery out of Copyright 2:39

Other great videos:
Copyright on Campus 6:30
Copyright Basics 6:20 


5.  Is it OK to copy and paste from the Internet and turn it in?
Is it OK to just change a few words as long as you cite the source?

What is Plagiarism?

Avoiding Plagiarism: What Do I Need to Cite?
You Can't Just Change a Few Words

Visit the Rawlinson page, More about Plagiarism

6.  Not all websites contain reliable information. Is Wikipedia a good source for school research? Is Facebook a reliable news source? No to both of those. The user must evaluate and determine the accuracy of the information. Always use more than one source of information when researching for a school project. The site below can help you determine who made a site.

This site is a webquest to help you determine the validity of websites.

Visit the Rawlinson Evaluating Web Resources Page