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Open Registration Dates

Tuesday, August 12 & Wednesday, August 13

Two sessions each day

Morning Session: 8:30am-11:30am

We must close the line to complete the morning session & prepare for the afternoon session.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm-3:00pm

2014-2015 August Registration Information  (Including dates/times and what to bring.)

The August registration information link above is intended for students NOT enrolled in NISD at the end of the 2013-2014 school year.
It also includes information for families that move from one NISD attendance area to another over the summer months.

Rawlinson Registration Brochure

    Click here to access the current enrollment packet.
This packet is valid for the current school year only.  Some forms are available in Spanish - print as needed.

Northside District Registration Information

Please have all required documents before arriving to register your student.  

To enroll a student transferring between one Northside school directly into another without attending an outside district/private school in between, the following documents are required if the previous campus already has the birth certificate and social security card on file:

Note:   A driver's license will not be accepted as a proof of residence. 

  •  Proof of Residence:   Must have a current utility bill (SAWS, CPS, Cable, Landline Telephone - not for a cell phone), closing statement on new home (valid for 30 days only), or a lease agreement with the parent/guardian name (copy of the complete, signed by parent & apartment management).

  • Identification of the parent/guardian

  • Vaccination Record - Click here for detailed Immunization Information

  • Withdrawal paperwork (including withdrawal grades) from the school you most recently attended, if you withdrew before the end of the school year.. For August open enrollment, please provide the final report card from the prior school year.

  • If the certified birth certificate and social security card were not provided to the previous NISD campus, you will need to provide them to Rawlinson.


To enroll a student new-to-Northside or one who was previously in Northside but has since left the district and is now returning, the following information is needed:

  1. Proof of Residence as indicated above.

  2. Identification:  Parent/Guardian drivers license, government ID or state ID.   

  3. Birth Certificate:  Certified copy of Birth Certificate issued by the state or country or a Passport.  Note:  Baptismal or hospital certificates will not be accepted. 

  4. Social Security Card

  5. Immunization Records:  Must be up to date on all immunizations.

  6. Final report card from the previous school (August Registration) or Withdrawal Documents & grades (if within the school year) from the previous campus.

  7. Address & phone information for previous schools attended for 5th - 8th grade.

Click here for special circumstances, including Power of Attorney, Affidavit of Residence.

**Important notes: If enrolling with or renewing an Affidavit of Residence, all parties named in the Affidavit will be required to be present and meet with an Administrator at Rawlinson. No exceptions.

Click here for Anticipated Move Contract information.


Who is your child's counselor this year?
7th Grade &
8th Grade S-Z
6th Grade &
8th Grade M-R

8th Grade A-L
Mr. Ely
Ms. Callaway
Mrs. Martinez-
De La Fuente

(Counselors will rotate in age, and/or alpha, each year to provide consistency with their students.)


Mr. Ely, Head Counselor, 397-4918

Ms. Callaway, 397-4921

Mrs. Martinez-De La Fuente, 397-4920 (Part-Time @ Rawlinson)


*Please note that Mrs. Martinez-De La Fuente will access her Rawlinson voicemail messages only on the days she is working on our campus.  If you choose to leave her a voicemail, allow additional time for your call to be returned. Generally, she is here 2-3 days of each week. Most often Tuesday & Wednesday, but the days can vary.


For e-mail use the link on the right side of our website to find the address.

Generally our e-mail address are first name(dot)last name(at)nisd(dot)net

 School Year Office Hours:  8AM to 4PM
The counseling office is closed from mid June until early in August.

 Phone: (210) 397-4922 ~ Fax: (210) 697-4052

 Mrs. Tarbell, Grade Reporting Secretary 

Walk-in registration hours (September - May)

Monday - Friday between 8AM - 11AM

Registrations can usually be done on a walk-in basis before 11AM or after 1:30PM. To limit your wait time, we encourage you to arrive by 8AM.

Counselor availability is not guaranteed without an appointment; however all of your information and paperwork will be accepted by clerical staff.

If all required documentation is received your child will be ready to enroll after meeting with a school counselor (on that same day or the next morning - first availablity). For morning enrollments, your child will generally attend class that same day. For afternoon enrollments, it will generally be the following morning. School hours are 8:20AM - 3:40PM.


After the first day of classes, these items will be available for sale in the front office before or after school. It is best to wait until your child has been assigned a locker so they have a safe place to keep them during the school day.

*Required - Planners ($5)                                *Optional - Spirit Shirts ($10)               

*Required - PE Uniforms ($15)                       *Optional - Yearbook Orders ($40)

*** Vaccination records must be up-to-date before the first day of school or your student will not be allowed to attend class.

** To find out which bus your student will ride (and to verify which school they will attend) please check the Boundaries and Buses system. After enrollment your student will be given a pass to give to the driver the very first time they ride the bus to or from school.

Click here to access the District Calendar

Click here to access the Student-Parent Handbook

News & Links

At the secondary school level marking periods are every six weeks.  Report cards are sent home on the Friday following the end of a grading period.  You may click here for the current district calendar to see when the end of each grading period will be.
Every student is given their report card by a teacher, so please make a note of when they are expected home and follow-up with your child.

In addition, parents and students have constant online access to up-to-date grade information by using Parent Connection or Student Connection. We highly encourage all parents to monitor their child's grades and attendance utilizing this resource.  You may even set your own grade and attendance triggers to be notified of significant changes.

April is STAAR testing month!

Attendance is crucial for all exams. Dates to make note of for Rawlinson are _____________________________.

Click HERE for more information on grade level testing across the district.

If you are planning to enroll your child to start on any of these testing dates, please call 397-4922. STAAR testing is a requirement for some grade levels in order to promote to the next grade, regardless of when you enroll your student.

Incoming 6th Grade Transition Camps
Transition camps that were tentatively scheduled in May have been postponed.
** Details to follow through your elementary campuses and/or this website when they are available.**
All Magnet School applications returned to Rawlinson have been picked up by those schools.
For questions concerning magnet schools, contact the appropriate school directly for the most accurate information. Check their website first to see if the answer to your question can be found there.

Click here for District information regarding HB 5. This information has been presented several times at the middle schools and high schools. All students entering 9th grade in August 2014, and beyond, are required to choose an endorsement. Please educate yourself as much as possible before choosing.  Contact the school counselor for additional questions.