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Bullying Prevention Tips

What is bullying anyway?

"Bullying” is another word for harassment.€ Bullying can be physical -- one or more students hurting another.€ More often, bullying is verbal and includes threatening, teasing, leaving others out, or talking about another person.  Cyberbullying is being bullied through the use of digital devices or the Internet.

Bullies don't pick on you because of something you did.€ The bully is picking on your because of the way he or she feels.€ Some people bully others as a way of feeling popular, showing off or making themselves look tough. Others think intimidation is the best way to handle problems.€ Often, they've been the victims of bullying themselves.€ So if someone is bullying you, don't think it's your fault.  

What to do if you are being bullied or you see someone being bullied:  
  1. Tell a friend and ask them to walk around with you.€ Bullies tend to pick on people who are alone.
  2. Walk away. The bully wants power and attention.
  3. Chill out. Bullies seem to target kids who respond to their teasing or online bullying. It's no fun to bully someone who doesn't seem to care.
  4. Write it down. Keep track of what happened so you have a record and can show an adult.  
  5. Be assertive. Tell the bully to stop.
  6. Tell an adult if you've tried some of the above, and it has not worked.
  7. If you are a bystander to bullying, tell the bully to stop and then leave. Tell an adult who can help.