Student Transfers

Inter-District & Intra-District Transfers:

In accordance with NISD Board Policy, Northside ISD generally does not accept the enrollment of students who do not reside in the district; however, there are a few exceptions to include those families who qualify for the Grandparent Transfer. The Grandparent Transfer allows for a non-NISD student to attend Northside ISD if the parents reside outside the school district, but the grandparents reside in Northside ISD AND provide "significant after-school care" as approved by the Department of Pupil Personnel. Approval for a Grandparent Transfer is determined during a scheduled hearing process where a notarized application is submitted and documentation/evidence is reviewed. If granted, the student would attend the school that services the grandparent's home address, and the application would be reviewed annually.  For Grandparent Transfer information or to schedule a Grandparent Transfer Hearing, please call the Office of Pupil Personnel at 397-8695.

In accordance with Texas Education Code (TEC), parents/guardians can petition the school district to have their child attend a Northside ISD campus, other than the one serviced by the home address. Intra-district Transfers include Administrative, Program, Child of Employee, Parental Choice. In accordance with NISD Board Policy FDB(LCOAL), except as otherwise provided by state law, district policy, or board action, the transportation for a transfer student is the responsibility of the student and family. A transfer approved for an individual student does not in any way create an agreement to transfer siblings of the student. For Parental Choice Transfers, Employee Transfers and selected Administrative Transfers, please be advised that the student's eligibility to participate in University Interscholastic League (UIL) contests shall be governed by the UIL's Constitution and Contest Rules as well as by Northside ISD Board Policy FDB(LOCAL), which requires a minimum of one calendar year period of ineligibility for UIL varsity competition.

Administrative Transfers may be initiated administratively to assign a student to a different school for reasons including, but not limited to concerns related to discipline, safety, sexual assault, bullying, or extradordinary conditions affecting  the family or the school. It must be initiated by the home campus principal or Assistant Superintendent or Executive Director for Elementary or Secondary Administration only if one or more of the conditions described above exist. If parent/guardian deems that an administrative transfer is warranted, they should visit the home campus prinicpal. Unless otherwised noted, an Administrative Transfer is valid only for the current school year. 

Program Transfers, available at the high school level for upcoming 9th graders only, involve Career and Technology Education concentrated sequence of courses with four or more credits that provide job-specific training and may lead to licensure or certification. A program transfer request for the upcoming school year for a program not offered at the 9th grader's home campus may be submitted during priority consideration time frame of April 1 - May 31, 2016. Priority consideration applications will be subject to lottery. Applications received after May 31, 2016 through the deadline of June 30, 2016 will ordered sequentially by date/time received by Pupil Personnel. Program transfers are approved by the requested Campus Principal after a review of the student's discipline & attendance records and pending availability within the program. Transfers are dependent upon the student being admitted to the specific program and require continuous enrollment to remain in effect. Additionally, the Dual Language Program, as a form of bilingual education, is offered at 6 elementary and 2 middle schools. Questions specific to the program type should be directed to the school counselor, administration, and/or program sponsor.

Program Transfer Options
Program Type Brandeis Clark  Jay   Marshall O'Connor* Stevens    Taft 
Architecture yes yes     yes yes  
Flexible Manufacturing   yes          
Automotive yes yes yes yes   yes  
Collision     yes        
Hospitality Tourism yes     yes   yes  
Cosmetology     yes       yes
Health Science   yes yes   yes    
Fire Science yes            
Law Enforcement yes     yes   yes  
Sign Language       yes      

*O'Connor HS also offers Agriculture; however, interested students/parents should make contact with the campus administration or visit the campus website, as the application timeline and process differs from all other HS Program Transfers.

Child of Employee Transfers may be requested for children of full-time Northside ISD employees to the campus where the employee works. Employees must reside in Northside ISD and complete the application process to include approval/acknowledgement from campus principal. Effective May 1, 2016, 2016-2017 requests for Child of Employee Transfers should be submitted electronically by the campus employee. Employee should have available and ready to upload proof of residency and the student(s) brith certificate. When submitted, the child of employee transfer application will be electronically sent to the employee's campus principal for their review and possible recommendation. Once the campus principal reviews and approves or disapproves the Child of Employee Transfer, the electronic application will be forwarded electronically to Pupil Personnel for review and official processing.

Public Education Grant (PEG) program transfers allows a parent/guardian of a student enrolled at a PEG-designated school to submit an applicaton to attend a campus in any other school district for the 2015-2016 school year. A school district is entitled to accept or reject the request for the student to attend school in that district but may not use criteria that discrminates on the basis of the student's race, ethnicity, academic achievement, athletic abilities, language proficiency, sex, or socioeconomic status. This same provision applies to intra-district transfer requests, where applications may be made to attend another campus in the same district. 

2015-2016 Northside ISD PEG-designated schools are Jones MS, Rayburn MS, Mead Elementary, and Passmore Elementary. To submit a PEG transfer request, please use the PEG transfer form attached below and submit to the campus principal for review and consideration. In keeping with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) guidelines for inter-district PEG transfer requests or requests from other districts, please be advised that NISD evaulates PEG transfers using the same protocol for non-PEG transfers, which are generally denied due to lack of space. For more information, you may review TEA's Frequently Asked Questions on PEG:

Parental Choice Transfer Season begins April 1st and ends the Friday before the school year starts for the upcoming school year. Because there is an emphasis in maintaining the integrity and continuity of instruction, Parental Choice Transfers are not processed during the course of the school year for the current school year. Parental Choice Transfers are approved subject to available space, which is dependent on projected enrollment, and NISD Board Policy, and when approved are permitted for the level of schooling (i.e. all elementary, middle school, or high school years). Parental Choice Transfers are processed through the Department of Pupil Personnel.