Anticipated Move Contracts

The following is for informational purposes only, as all Anticipated Move Contracts are processed at the Department of Pupil Personnel.

The purpose of the Northside ISD Anticipated Move procedure is to avoid multiple changes of a student's school assignment during a school year. An Anticipated Move Contract permits a family to enroll a child at the school (or the cluster campus, if applicable) in the attendance area in which the family will be moving during the course of the school year. Please note that the actual move-in date must be during the course of the school year. The student may be ineligible for participation in UIL activities until residency has been established.

Anticipated Move Contract requests must be submitted to the Department of Pupil Personnel for processing. A valid sales or lease contract, signed by all parties, and a document showing a closing or occupancy date on or after the first day of school and a current and active proof of residency in the form of a utility bill (water, electric or cable) of the family's current address - which must be under the parent's name - must be provided at the time the request is submitted. A student who lives outside Northside boundaries may enroll, tuition-free, for 30 school days provided that a Tuition Agreement for payment of tuition beyond the 30 school day tuition-free grace period has been approved and processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a move from one attendance area to another is made over the summer, does a family need an Anticipated Move Contract?

No. If a family had moved into a school's attendance area over the summer, the family need only show that proof of residence to the school at or before the beginning of the school year in order to enroll the child.

May a family obtain an Anticipated Move Contract during this current school year for the upcoming school year?

Yes, the parent may obtain an AMC for the upcoming school year during the current school year.

Does an Anticipated Move Contract guarantee that a child will attend the child's regular campus?

No. Since elementary school class enrollments are limited by law, the child may be required to attend a nearby cluster school until such time that space becomes available at the child's regular school. Should this situation occur, transportation to the cluster school will be provided by the District.

What is the school's responsibility for processing an Anticipated Move Contract?

Pupil Personnel will provide the parent 3 copies of the Anticipated Move Contract and will instruct the parent to keep a copy for the parent's records and the other copy is to be given to the school at the time of registration. The school shall enter the child's Enrollment Date upon admission. Once residency has been assumed, the parent must show proof of residency to the school (active and current - current or previous month - utility bill) At that time, the school shall enter the Actual Move-In date on the pink copy and forward it to Pupil Personnel.


Should you have any questions about anticipated move contracts, please contact Pupil Personnel at 397-8695.