Psychological Services: Tips & Suggestions

Parents and educators often ask what they can do to help a student improve their skills for school. This is true whether the student has a disability or just a weakness. Over the years, we have collected some easy strategies for helping students be successful. These may be incorporated into a formal Individual Education Plan (IEP) or they can serve as ideas for classroom modifications. Many of these strategies can be used at home to supplement classroom work.

Keep in mind that no two students are the same. Many of these suggestions will not apply to your student because of their age, interests, or skill level. Even so, enough strategies are offered that at least a few may be helpful.

The tips are grouped by broad skill area. When searching for ideas, be sure to access the page for your specific concern, but also for all related concerns. For example, a student who reads poorly may benefit from strategies found on the pages entitled "Basic Reading", "Reading Comprehension" and "Concentration".

These Tips and Suggestions are presented in PDF format so that they will be easy to print out. You will need to have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to read and print them. If you don't already have the Adobe Reader installed, you can download it for free.

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