Powell Celebrates 50 Years - February 13th

Powell Elementary School is celebrating it's 50th anniversary on February 13, 2013 at 6:00 pm. The event will take place in the Powell Elementary cafeteria.  Many people remember Powell as Thunderbird Hills Elementary, which opened in September, 1962.  The name was changed on May 3,1992 to Lawrence Powell Elementary.  Mr. Powell had over thirty six years of experience in education, twenty six were in Northside ISD.  He served as Principal of Thunderbird Hills from 1974-1989 and still resides in the neighborhood.  Many Northside staff members attended Thunderbird Hills and many children of former students attend Powell Elementary today.

The school's design is very similar to the original plan, however some updating has occurred.  The original "pod" style has remained the same and the main part of the school circles the covered blacktop. The addition of the cafeteria and the Kindergarten building provided room to redesign the office area and create a teacher workroom and additional office and classroom space.