Campus Safety


This statement was issued by NISD in reference to recent events:

While there is no indication that this is anything but an isolated incident in a state far from Texas, Northside ISD is very sensitive to concerns and questions from parents about our own crisis procedures.

Northside staff members do everything they can to keep children safe and secure, from practicing lplans in placeockdowns and having crisis . If an emergency message needs to be sent from a school to parents, it will be done through the School Messenger system.

To keep our schools safe, we need help from parents and other community members who are the eyes and ears in the neighborhoods.

Please report any information you might have about a real or perceived threat to students' safety to the District's 24-hour anonymous tip line: 397-SAFE. NISD Police will follow all leads .

Please keep your phone information up to date;  contact Luz Requenes at 397-0450 when phone numbers change so she can ensure that messages
sent through School Messenger reach you.