Police : Assignments and Divisions

Patrol officers

Patrol Officers protect life and property on all Northside ISD Campuses and facilities within the boundaries of the District, and enforce school zone speed limits. They randomly check District facilities on a 24-hour basis and respond to alarms at District facilities. Officers also investigate traffic accidents occurring on district property and assist other law enforcement agencies as necessary in the investigation of crimes within the district boundaries.

Patrol Officers are the primary response units to NISD elementary schools during school hours and assist the middle and high school Campus Officers.

Campus officers

There are two Northside officers assigned to each high school campus, one officer assigned to each middle school campus, and one officer assigned to each alternative school and three special school campuses. Campus Officers have many of the same duties as Patrol Officers. In addition, Campus Officers protect persons and property on the campus and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the campus. The Campus Officers also work closely with campus administration, assisting with serious discipline issues and taking law enforcement action when necessary. Campus Officers are positive mentors and role models to students.

Criminal Investigations division

The criminal investigations division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations and case management for crimes against persons or property occurring within the jurisdiction of the district.

Communications division

The communications division is responsible for the direction and control of all police radio communications, receiving calls for service and information from district students, employees and citizens, monitoring the district's fire and burglar alarm systems, and providing requested information to field officers.

The Communications Division is staffed by nine non-sworn police department personnel responsible for the successful administration and operation of the department's 24-hour communications center, the Integrated Security Management System, and the Radio Communications System.

Police Communications Center

The department staffs the police communications center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with non-sworn police dispatchers responsible for monitoring district security and video surveillance systems, answering calls for police service, and coordinating dispatch and police response functions for as many as 70 officers at any given time. The six dispatchers are supervised by the Police Communications Supervisor.

Integrated Security Management System

As part of School Bonds 2004 and 2007, Northside ISD implemented an integrated security management system of intrusion alarms, access control, and video surveillance at all secondary schools in the district. The Information Systems Manager administers and maintains the integrated security management system.

Radio Communications System

As part of School Bond 2004, Northside ISD implemented a district-wide radio communications system to improve police communications and provide district and campus administrators with direct access to police services during an emergency. The department's Communications Systems Manager administers and maintains the Radio Communications System.