Cathryn Walker

As the daughter of a naval officer, Cathryn Walker picked up her life and moved every three years; so like many military children, she never felt she could claim a home base. Though at 14, she arrived in San Antonio and through Warren High School found a place to call home.

It all began the moment she first walked the school’s hallways as a nervous new student and a welcoming teacher ensured her that if she ever needed help, to come to her classroom. This act of kindness and reassurance helped Cathryn embark on a highly successful academic career.

While attending Warren HS, Cathryn held several leadership positions in student organizations, most notably serving as Co-Editor and Chief of the school yearbook. Outside of school she continued her journalistic endeavors by serving on the San Antonio Express-News Teen Team as a contributing writer. She balanced all of these activities while pursuing a heavy academic load of AP classes.

Cathryn graduated with a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin with a minor in global business. Today, she is a business marketing associate at the leading music streaming app, Spotify, residing in New York. Cathryn develops and executes campaigns for clients across the globe and feels the best part of her job is the opportunity to collaborate with these team members. Her colleagues reside across North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America -- each bringing their on unique perspectives to the table to make an impact in the world of advertising.

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Warren High School
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