Monica C. Mendez, PT, DPT

As a high school student at Marshall High School, Monica C. Mendez, made the fateful choice to merge her two passions of swimming and medicine.  With the guidance of the Independent Study Mentorship program she began to shadow a physical therapist who specialized in aquatic therapy. It was this memorable yearlong opportunity that fostered the start of her future.  While shadowing, Monica witnessed an energetic eight-year-old boy walk for the first time.  This is where she realized the power of believing and persistence.  Someone had to believe in the child for eight years to uncover his true potential.  Monica knew she was meant to become a physical therapist, becoming the support system others needed to form their best self.  

A true Northside product, Monica attended Evers and Leon Valley elementary schools and Pat Neff Middle School where she discovered her love for the sciences.  At  Marshall High School, she excelled in academics and sports while involved in multiple honor societies and community groups.  Monica received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from St. Mary’s University received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of the Incarnate Word.  

Monica’s passion has touched thousands of lives through her dedication to a non-profit organization called Los Quijotes Ambassadors of Health of San Antonio.  It is an international medical service organization comprised of health professionals and physicians that provide medical treatment to the less fortunate in Oaxaca, Mexico. For the past six years, Monica has been a vital component by providing treatments in different capacities from a pharmacy assistant, nutritionist, diabetes educator and ultimately, as a physical therapist. During this week long mission over 2,500 patients are seen and treated. Monica hope’s to lead by example, inspiring our future generation to become the best representation of themselves to help others.  

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