Dr. Todd Gureckis

It could be a coincidence or it could be fate that Dr. Todd Gureckis started his academic career at Scobee Elementary School. After all, the namesake of the school was an astronaut and the school motto is “Reaching for the Stars.” Science has always been a part of Dr. Gureckis’ life.

He said his father taught him his love of science and the scientific method. Together they would launch rockets with different payloads to determine how the payload weight impacted the rocket flight. That sense of wonder and curiosity stayed with Dr. Gureckis throughout his academic career in Northside, from Scobee Elementary School to Health Careers High School.

A devoted Longhorn, he received his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. Today, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at New York University. His area of expertise is cognitive and computer science.

He teaches and studies human learning, memory, and decision making. He oversees a cognitive behavior lab at the university where, according to the lab’s blog, Dr. Gureckis and his students study human intelligence.

In 2013, he was honored with the National Science Foundation’s Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. He received his award at the White House.

Gureckis and his wife Julie enjoy hiking and the outdoors.

Dr. Todd Gureckis
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Health Careers High School
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