Kara Wilson

Kara Wilson fell in love at age 14. It was a love that was true. It was a love that was deep.

Before the start of her freshman year at Marshall High School, Wilson went on a mission trip to El Salvador. She quickly fell in love with the Central American country, its culture, and its people. Unable to forget one of her first loves, she moved to El Salvador years later and founded Project RED. The nonprofit organization works with underprivileged families on Reintegration, Education, and Development (RED).

The El Salvadorian government enacted a law requiring children in orphanages to return to live with members of their biological families, whether they were immediate family members or distant relatives. Not all of these families are prepared or willing to take on the responsibility of caring for the children, therefore putting many children at risk. Project RED and its staff work with families on enhancing parenting skills, providing basic needs for children including shelter, clothing, and food, spiritual guidance, and scholarships for those wishing to attend high school.

“In the United States children are told they can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do” Wilson says. “It’s a privilege not every child has, especially those in developing countries.” Project RED is working to change that for the children in the program.

Wilson attended Locke Hill and Thornton elementary schools, Rudder Middle School, and Marshall High School. She received her undergraduate degree in Missions and Spanish at Abilene Christian University and her master’s degree in International Development for Latin America while living in Spain. 

Kara Wilson
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