Dr. Gurpaul Singh

Dr. Gurpaul Singh came to San Antonio from Auckland, New Zealand, at age 14. He enrolled in all-honors classes at Marshall High School (including Latin, French, physics and pre-calculus). A favorite class he remembers was called “United Nations.” Following graduation from Marshall with an Advanced High School Diploma, he returned to University of Auckland School of Medicine. After six years of college and four years of practicing medicine, he rejoined the San Antonio branch of the family to combine his medical background with the technology-based training which is the foundation of Karta Technology company. He is now Senior Vice President of Training Solutions for Karta Technologies, Inc., the largest privately-owned defense contractor headquartered in San Antonio and soon-to-be publicly held and traded as part of an even larger company. At work, he creates modern-day how-to dvd's, cd's, and videos to train everyone from FBI Information Security employees to medical personnel acquiring new equipment. Gurpaul Singh and his wife, Jasmeet, are expecting their first child – who we hope will be enrolled in Northside ISD in 5 short years.

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John Marshall High School
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