Jeffrey Hoberman

A resident of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jeffrey Hoberman is just as likely to find himself in Chile or Ecuador or Washington, D.C., where he works to improve the economies of South American countries as co-CEO of Recovery, an economic development company. After graduating from Clark High School, Yale University, and Harvard Law School, Hoberman won a Ford Foundation Fellowship, which landed him at the Ministry of Economy in Argentina, where he helped reform bankruptcy laws. By 1995, he was advisor to the President of Argentina’s Banco Hipotecario and successfully arranged the first internationally-placed mortgage bonds. His new company (major stockholder is SOROS) is dedicated to strengthening local and provincial governments in developing countries, utilizing advanced technology to improve government services. Treating people with respect – in three or more languages – defines Jeffrey Hoberman, our 2004 Pillar of Respect.

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Thomas C. Clark High School
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