School Supply List

E.M. Pease Middle School
School Supplies

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All Grade Levels

1 pencil pouch (to fit in threeringed binder)

1 package of color pencils

1 Highlighter (any color)

2 –200 count packages of wide rule paper

4 Composition Books

1 package pens (either black or blue or both)

2 package of #2 pencils

1 package of color markers

2 packages of 5 tab dividers

1 two-inch, three-ring binder

2 Glue Sticks

1 box of Kleenex


In addition to the previous list, students will also need the following according to grade level:

7th Grade

1 package of graph paper (1/4 inch)

8th Grade

1 package graph paper (¼ inch)

1 pocket folder

1 3 subject spiral notebook