Technology Teaching Resources




  • Mobile tool for creating whiteboard presentations and/or annotating screen capture content

Classroom Performance System (CPS) Response Pads - aka "Clickers" 

  • Primary tool for student feedback
  • Utilizing Verbal Mode, teachers can receive instant feedback as a part of ongoing classroom discussion - no content creation necessary
  • All session responses are recorded for analysis 

Cameras--(Cameras available for checkout from CIT and Library)

  • Use the school camera or a camera of your choice to record your lesson
  • High-quality video that can be edited with MovieMaker
  • Best to use any video converter and convert to .wav before editing in MovieMaker

iTouches for Student Use 

  • O'Connor has in some departments
  • ESL Newcomers

Microphones for PC's


Smartboard Software or Interwrite Workspace - Record and Playback Tool

  • Workspace can be installed on teacher laptops - it is what you use with a Mobi or Whiteboard
  • In the Toolbox area, select the Record and Playback Tool and click to record

Show Me

  • Easily record a whiteboard presentation from an iPad
  • The link to the video can be sent to students using Remind 101
  • Videos can be downloaded and edited and uploaded to CMS page (as long as nothing is copyrighted within the video)


  • Easily record a whiteboard presentation from the Educations Website or an iPad App (works best with an iPad and can be your personal iPad)
  • Many recording limitations, biggest of which is the inability to edit the videos
  • When sharing, be sure to make the video public if you wish to share with other teachers
  • The link to the video can be sent to students using Remind 101


Microsoft Movie Maker

  • Easily import Interwrite Workspace recordings, edit out "glitches", combine video clips, insert media, and even create intro and ending credits for your lessons.
  • Different version between the Windows XP and Windows 7 versions, but functionality is the same

Need help MovieMaker XP Directions


  • Create and edit audio for your videos.

Any Video Converter

  • Easily convert your videos to different formats
  • Teachers concerned about students being unable to view *.wmv files on an Apple computer or iDevice can utilize this tool to convert videos into MPEG4 format


Outreach Teacher Webpage


  • Edmodo is a free site that allows educators to create a private and secure environment for students. With Edmodo, students can post videos and information without the worry of the public seeing it. Students do not need an email address to join your class. Accept assignment uploads, administer quizzes, and create polls...all in Edmodo! For more information, go to
  • S-Files Templates can be utilized to share curriculum materials with students
  • Some time this year students should have G-Mail accounts, which will then allow students to share documents

TCEA Flipped Classroom

TechSmith--What is a "Flipped Classroom"

TechSmith--Exlploring the Flipped Classroom