Ag Program Transfer Applications Accepted Until Feb. 16

Eighth Graders who are interested in studying and training for diverse careers in the agriculture field can apply to be a part of the Agriculture Science Program at O'Connor High School for the 2018-19 school year.  Each year a limited number of spots are made available for students interested in transfering to OHS as part of this program.  Applications are currently being accepted and must be submitted to the O'Connor Vice Principal's office by Friday, Feb. 16.  Once applications are received, applicants' grades, test scores, and discipline reports will be reviewed as part of the application process.  Click HERE for an Ag Program Transfer Application.  For more information about the Agriculture Science program view the program brochure HERE. Additional information about Agriculture Projects, FFA membership and extra-curricular participation by students enrolled in the program can be accessed HERE.  If you have questions, call 210-397-4800.