Digital Citizenship


Questions: We must all strive to be good and safe Digital Citizens.

Can you believe everything you see on the Internet?

Watch "Perspectives on Social Media"

Are you a cyberbully?  

Social Networking/Blog Beware

  • How easy is it for someone to hack into your digital devices? Watch this interview with the current Miss Teen USA
  • Should you click on links sent by unknown sources?
  • Are you revealing too much information online?
  • Should you "friend" people you don't already know face-to-face? Students under the age of 17 should only communicate with people online that you actually know face-to-face.
  • Can what you post online adversely affect your future?
  • Can what you post affect your high school participation in sports and clubs?
  • Can you take it back once it is posted online?
  • Can others access your information even though you think you have it protected?
  • Now that Facebook is allowing teens between 13 and 17 to make all your posts public, should you do it?

News Story from Kens 5 TV on September 25, 2012

Stop and Think Before You Click:

Do you know what Sexting is? 

Statistics  Put the term sexting in the search box to read the information.

Good Video to Watch, Select Information Travels to watch.

Is it OK to download any pictures and music you want from the Internet? Watch "Whose Is It, Anyway?


Not all websites contain reliable information.