Counseling Staff

For more information about Counseling Services, the Registrar, and the Career Center, click on the links from the Counseling menu above or click on the following link:

Janelle Appleby/A-Cass/397-4855

Kellie Asterman/Cast-Flor/397-4829

Debra Harding/Head Counselor/397-4825

Kristina Holder/Stew-Z/397-4828

Orlando Matta/Hui-McC/397-4856

Debra Roland/Ramj-Stev/397-4831

Kimberly Schmidt/McD-Rami/397-4827

Cindy Stanford/Flow-Hug/397-4826

Monica Bennett/Secretary/397-4832

Special Programs

Barbi Carroll

Graduation Coach

Kendall Ellis

Student Success Advisor