Welcome to Northwest Crossing Vice Principal Siano

portrait of vice principal siano    
 I am honored to serve as vice principal at Northwest Crossing Elementary.
 I served as the vice principal at Westwood Terrace Elementary from 2009-2012, a bilingual teacher in fourth and fifth grades from 2012-2014 at Henderson Elementary, and vice principal at Behlau Elementary from 2014-2016 before joining Northwest Crossing Elementary.  
In addition, I served in SAISD from 2001-2007 as a bilingual teacher in pre-k, third, and curriculum instruction coordinator before joining NISD in 2007 as a fifth grade bilingual teacher at Westwood Terrace Elementary.
I look forward to working with all our families and making this a successful year!
Please feel free to contact me at my email  or by phone 210-397-0600